Tips for choosing the lining of a garment

Today we bring you tips for choosing the lining of a garment.

The lining is that fabric that is used to hide the seams and interlinings of each garment, that is, it goes or is inside each of them.

However, its quality must be taken into account and that it goes well with its main material, since this will give it the quality of looking of good quality and finished.

  • That it can have the same care and washing as the main fabric.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Breathable and comfortable when in contact with the skin.
  • Soft, light and slippery; so that it can be put on or taken off easily.
  • It should not shrink, so a natural fiber is recommended.
  • It must be antistatic, so that it is not uncomfortable when in contact with the skin; and if you decide to use a static fabric, it is advisable only for jackets and coats.



The lining of this fabric is ideal for any garment, since one of its characteristics is how versatile it is, just as, because it is a natural fiber, it will always be breathable and comfortable for the skin.


This lining contains both natural and artificial fibers, making it a soft, light, shiny, unsightly and elegant fabric.


Its fiber is synthetic, which means that it is created with chemicals from petroleum; so it is not as breathable with the skin and has static electricity.


When using an elastic fabric it is important that its lining contains the same characteristics, which is why it is ideal with a flat fabric such as lycra; so that stretch and elasticity are its characteristics.