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Tape measure

Discover this selection of measuring tapes, designed to guarantee precise measurements in every sewing project. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we offer the best brands and varieties, from the classic and reliable to the most innovative and technological. Find the perfect tape measure for your needs and start measuring accurately today!

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Classic Tape Measures - The Essential Tool for Every Sewer

Classic tape measures are the traditional and reliable choice for measuring accurately. Made from durable materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty PVC, these tapes are designed to withstand constant use and provide accurate measurements for a long time. Their simple, easy-to-read design makes them ideal for sewing and clothing projects at home or in professional workshops.

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Retractable Tape Measures: Convenience and Precision on the Move

Retractable tape measures are practical and convenient. Equipped with an automatic retraction mechanism, these tapes easily roll up with the push of a button, making them ideal for carrying in your pocket or sewing bag.

Get a retractable tape measure today and take precision wherever you go!

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Our professional quality scissors are a must-have for any sewing project. With sharp blades and comfortable grips, our scissors ensure precise cuts every time. From delicate fabrics to thicker materials, our scissors are designed to deliver exceptional performance in any situation.

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Explore the best
brands on Tape Measures


SINGER is a recognized brand in the world of sewing and clothing. With a long history of excellence in sewing products, SINGER measuring tapes are known for their quality and durability. Made from durable materials and designed to provide accurate measurements, SINGER measuring tapes are a reliable choice for any sewing project.


iBayam is another prominent brand in the world of sewing tools. With a wide range of high-quality products, iBayam measuring tapes stand out for their precision and ease of use. Whether you are a sewing hobbyist or professional, iBayam measuring tapes are an excellent choice for obtaining accurate measurements on your sewing projects.


Maine is a brand recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation in sewing products. Maine tape measures are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements every time. With a variety of options available, from classic tape measures to digital tape measures, Maine has a solution for every sewing project.

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Get our t-shirt ruler now and create perfectly fitting t-shirts at every seam! LThe perfect tool for taking precise measurements when designing and sewing t-shirts. With clear, easy-to-read markings, this ruler will help you create perfectly fitted garments in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tape Measures

A sewing tape measure is a flexible, portable tool used to measure lengths and circumferences in sewing projects. It is marked in metric and Anglo-Saxon units for easy conversion and precision in measurements.

The main types of sewing tape measures are classic, retractable, digital and laser. Each type offers different advantages in terms of comfort, precision and functionality.

To measure your ring size, wrap the tape measure around the base of your finger and adjust until it fits comfortably. Read the measurement on the tape measure, making sure it is neither too tight nor too loose.

To read a tape measure, identify the markings on the tape: long lines generally indicate centimeters or inches, while shorter lines indicate fractions of these units. Read the measurement to the mark that matches the edge of the object you are measuring.

The markings on a tape measure are lines that indicate different units of measurement. The most common markings are centimeters and millimeters in the metric system, and inches and fractions of inches in the imperial system.

Digital tape measures provide instant, accurate readings on a digital display, eliminating interpretation errors. They are ideal for projects requiring high precision and offer additional features such as unit conversion and measurement memory.