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What is a blazer?

A blazer is a versatile and elegant garment that is worn in both formal and informal contexts. It is a structured jacket, with lapels and buttons on the front, usually made of materials such as wool, cotton or a mixture of both. Blazers are known for their slim fit, which enhances the figure and provides a sophisticated look.

Top blazer brands for women

Types of blazers for women

Discover the different types of blazers for women that will make you look elegant and sophisticated on any occasion. From the classic short blazer to the bold blazer with shoulder pads, there is a perfect option for every style and personality.

Don’t wait any longer to revamp your closet with these amazing types of blazers for women. Get your favorite and dazzle everyone with your unique style.

Short blazer

Add a modern touch to your look with a short blazer! Perfect to highlight your style and look elegant in any occasion. Get it now and surprise everyone!

Blazer Cut Out

Looking for a unique and daring blazer? The Cut Out blazer is the perfect choice for you. With details that make the difference, it will make you stand out in style.. Make it yours today!

Sleeveless blazer

Dare to look sophisticated and fresh with a sleeveless blazer. Ideal for warm days and casual events. Don’t wait any longer, add it to your closet now!

Blazer cape

The cape blazer is the ideal garment for an elegant and sophisticated look. With its unique and versatile style, it will make you look impeccable in any occasion. Get yours and dazzle everyone!

Crop blazer

If you are looking for a touch of youthful and trendy style, the crop blazer is for you. Perfect to combine with your favorite outfits and look fashionable at all times. Get one today!

Double breasted blazer

With a double-breasted blazer you will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. Ideal for special occasions or to give a chic twist to your daily outfit. Don’t resist, buy it now!

Blazer with shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are back and the shoulder blazer is the perfect garment to wear them with style. Add a retro and glamorous touch to your look with this unique blazer. Get yours and set the trend!

Women's blazer closure types

Blazer with Button

The classic button-down blazer is a stylish and versatile option that never goes out of style. Perfect to give a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Blazer with Clasp

The snap blazer is a refined and feminine option that stands out for its unique and sophisticated style. Perfect for special occasions.

Snap Snap Blazer

The snap blazer is a modern and chic alternative that adds a touch of originality to your look. Ideal for those looking for something different.

Blazer with Adjustable Drawstring

The adjustable drawstring blazer is a practical and comfortable garment that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking. Ideal for a casual and modern look.

Blazer Zipper

The zippered blazer is a modern and urban option that gives a touch of casual style to your outfit. Perfect for a casual and trendy look.

Blazer Buckle

The buckle blazer is an elegant and sophisticated choice that adds a touch of glamour to your look. Ideal to look impeccable in any special occasion.

Women's blazer collar style

High Collar Blazer

The turtleneck blazer is an elegant and sophisticated option that will keep you warm and stylish in any occasion. Perfect for formal and chic looks.

Asymmetrical Collar Blazer

The blazer with asymmetrical collar is a modern and avant-garde alternative that adds a touch of originality to your outfit. Ideal for those who want to stand out in style.

Boat Collar Blazer

The boat neck blazer is an elegant choice that enhances your femininity and style. Perfect for refined and sophisticated looks.

Closed Collar Blazer

The closed collar blazer is a classic and timeless option that gives you a polished and sophisticated look. Ideal for formal and elegant occasions.

Women's blazer fabrics

Cotton Blazer

The cotton blazer is a cool and versatile choice for any season. Its lightweight and breathable fabric makes it a comfortable and elegant garment for everyday wear. Dare to add a cotton blazer to your closet!

Acrylic Blazer

The acrylic blazer is a modern and functional option that gives you warmth without sacrificing style. Its soft and resistant fabric makes it an ideal garment to face cold days with elegance. Don’t wait any longer and add an acrylic blazer to your collection!

Velvet Blazer

The velvet blazer is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Its soft and shiny texture gives it an elegant and glamorous look, perfect for special events or elegant evenings.


The leather blazer is an iconic piece that never goes out of style. Its timeless style and versatility make it an essential basic in any closet. Whether for a casual look or a more formal one, the leather blazer adds a touch of rebelliousness and sophistication. Make a difference with a unique and bold style!

See other types of Blazers

Antistatic Blazer

The antistatic blazer is the perfect solution to prevent static electricity build-up on your clothes. Made with special materials, this blazer will keep you comfortable and stylish without worrying about unwelcome electric shocks.

Anti-plush blazer

Forget about annoying lint with a lint-free blazer. Its resistant fabric prevents loose fibers from sticking, keeping your outfit impeccable at all times. With a lint-free blazer, you will look impeccable and carefree.

Blazers With Belt

Belted blazers are the perfect combination of style and function. This type of blazer allows you to adjust the waist to your liking, enhancing your figure and adding a touch of elegance to your look. Dare to stand out with a belted blazer and set the trend with a unique and flattering style!

with a blazer set

Women's wedding blazer

An elegant blazer is the perfect choice to look impeccable at a wedding. With refined details and precise cuts, this type of blazer will make you stand out with style and sophistication in any wedding celebration.

Blazer size for women

Outfit ideas with women's blazer

Men's Suits and Coats

Our selection of men’s suits and jackets perfectly combines style, comfort and quality. From classic suits to modern jackets, we have the ideal option for every occasion. Elevate your style with our high-end garments!

Blazer brands for men

Types of blazers for men

Men’s blazers are a versatile and elegant garment that can elevate any outfit. There are different types of blazers that adapt to different occasions and styles, allowing men to look sophisticated and fashionable at all times.

Blazer with Belt

Define your figure and highlight your style with belted blazers for men. Originality in every detail.

Men's casual blazers

Casual blazers are the perfect piece to elevate elevate your style at any time. Made with materials comfortable and versatilegive you the opportunity to look look sophisticated without sacrificing comfort. Whether for an informal gathering, an outing with friends, or simply to add a touch of elegance to your day to daycasual blazers are the ideal choice.

Discover how this garment can completely transform your look. 

Choose your style and make a difference in every step you take!

Types of men's blazer fasteners

Blazer with Button

The classic button closure on a men’s blazer is a stylish and versatile choice. Buttons can vary in quantity and style, from simple buttons to decorative buttons. This type of closure is ideal for a more formal and traditional look.

Blazer snaps

Snaps are a modern and functional alternative for decorating a men’s blazer. They are easy to wear and add a contemporary touch to your outfit.

Blazer with Clasp

Clasps are small metal hooks used to close a men’s blazer discreetly and securely. This type of closure is ideal for a more refined and minimalist look, as it does not overload the design of the garment.

Blazer Zipper

Blazers with zipper closure are a modern and casual option for men who are looking for a more casual style. The zipper adds an urban and sporty touch to the garment, perfect for casual and contemporary looks.

Choose the type of closure that best suits your style and personality, and stand out with your men's blazer on any occasion!

Men's blazer fabrics

Wool Blazer

The wool blazer is a classic and elegant garment that cannot be missing in the closet of a sophisticated man. Its wool fabric provides warmth and style, perfect for formal or informal occasions.

Acrylic Blazer

The acrylic blazer is ideal for men who are looking for comfort and versatility in their outfits. Its light and resistant fabric makes it a perfect choice for any time of the year.

Cotton Blazer

The cotton blazer is a cool and casual option for men who prefer a more relaxed style. Its breathable and lightweight fabric makes it perfect to wear in warm weather or for informal events. Set the trend with your unique style!

Chamois Blazer

The suede blazer is an elegant and sophisticated garment that adds a touch of distinction to any masculine outfit. Its soft texture and luxurious look make it a perfect choice for special events or to stand out in everyday life. Take your style to another level!

Blazer size for men

Men's blazer set

Outfit ideas with men's blazer

Blazer sizes for children

Types of blazer fabrics for children

Cotton Blazer

A soft, breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable all day long. Perfect for an elegant and casual look at the same time. Dare to add a cotton blazer to your closet and set the trend in style!

Wool Blazer

Soft and warm material that will make you look sophisticated in any occasion. Ideal for formal events or to give a touch of distinction to your daily outfit.

Polyester Blazer

Polyester blazers for children are an excellent choice, a resistant and easy to care for material, these blazers are ideal for special occasions or for everyday wear. Its lightweight and breathable fabric guarantees comfort and freedom of movement for the little ones.

Leather Blazer

A durable and resistant material that will make you look impeccable in any occasion. Ideal for special events or to add a unique touch of style to your outfit.

Set of suits
for children

Outfit ideas for boys with blazer

You can combine a blazer in neutral colors such as navy blue or gray with a white shirt and chinos for a more formal look. For a more casual style, you can opt for a blazer in bright colors like red or yellow and combine it with jeans and a basic T-shirt. Blazers are versatile and will give your kids a unique and trendy style!

Best Brands of blazers

Discover the best blazer brands that combine quality, style and exclusivity. From internationally recognized brands to emerging designers. Choose quality, style and distinction with our luxury Blazers!

Discover the exclusivity and unique style of The Drop, a brand that stands out for its edgy and edgy fashion garments. With modern and daring designs, The Drop offers unique pieces that will make you stand out in any occasion. Elevate your style with The Drop’s high quality garments!

Elegance and sophistication are united in each garment. COOFANDY is characterized by its high quality suits and jackets, with impeccable cuts and carefully designed details. From classic suits to modern jackets.

With an iconic fashion heritage, Calvin Klein is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. This world-renowned brand offers a wide range of garments, from classic suits to modern blazers, reflecting the minimalist and chic aesthetics for which it is known. Discover Calvin Klein quality and timeless style in every garment.

With a classic classic and sophisticated American styleTommy Hilfiger is a brand that combines elegance with a touch of freshness and youth. Its suits and jackets for men are synonymous with quality and timeless style, with impeccable cuts and carefully crafted details.

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Learn how to take care of your Blazer

How to wash a jacket? It is important to take proper care of your blazers to maintain their quality and appearance.

Blazers Washed
to Machine

For machine washable blazers, be sure to use a gentle cycle and cold water to avoid damaging the fabric.

Blazers Hand Wash Only

Blazers that require hand-washing should be treated delicately, using a mild detergent and avoiding twisting the garment.

Blazers Dry Cleaning Only

On the other hand, blazers that can only be dry cleaned should be taken to a professional dry cleaner to ensure proper care.

Frequently asked questions about blazers

How to wear a blazer?

Wearing a blazer is a great way to add style and sophistication to any outfit. You can combine it with dress pants for a more formal look or with jeans for a more relaxed and casual style. For an elegant touch, you can wear it over a blouse or shirt, while for a more casual look, you can opt for a T-shirt or blouse in a more relaxed style. Don’t forget to pay attention to the fit of the blazer to make sure it fits you well and highlights your figure.

How to hem a blazer?

Folding a blazer correctly is important to avoid wrinkles and keep it in good condition. Here are the steps to fold a blazer properly:

  • Fasten all the buttons of the blazer.
  • Place the blazer on a flat surface, back side up.
  • Fold one of the sleeves inward, crossing over the back of the blazer.
  • Fold the other sleeve in the same way, superimposing it over the first one.
  • Fold the blazer in half, so that the lapels meet.
  • Make sure the blazer is properly lined and wrinkle-free before storing or transporting it.

How to combine a blazer with a dress?

Pairing a blazer with a dress can create a sophisticated and elegant look. Here are some ideas to achieve a harmonious combination:

  • Fitted dress with structured blazer: Combine a fitted dress, such as a pencil dress, with a fitted blazer. This will create a sleek silhouette and highlight your figure.
  • Printed dress with a plain blazer: If you have a bold printed dress, choose a blazer in a plain, neutral color to balance the outfit.
  • Summer dress with light blazer: During the warmer months, you can pair a light, breezy dress with a blazer made of lightweight fabric. This will allow you to look elegant without feeling too warm.
  • Casual dress with oversize blazer: For a more relaxed style, you can pair a casual dress, such as a knit dress or a shirt dress, with an oversized blazer. This will create an interesting contrast and give you a modern, casual look.

How to iron a blazer?

Properly ironing a blazer is essential to keep it looking impeccable and professional. Here are some tips on how to iron a blazer:

  • Check the care instructions on the blazer label to make sure it can be ironed.
  • Set the iron to the appropriate temperature according to the type of blazer fabric. If you are not sure, use a low or medium temperature.
  • Make sure the blazer is clean and dry before ironing.
  • Place a thin cloth, such as a cotton cloth, over the blazer before ironing to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Iron the blazer gently, moving the iron in smooth and continuous movements. Avoid leaving the iron in one place for a long time to avoid burning or shining the fabric.
  • Pay special attention to lapels and cuffs, making sure they are well ironed.
  • Once you have finished ironing, hang the blazer on a hanger to keep it wrinkle-free until you wear it.
  • Remember to always follow the specific care and ironing instructions provided by the manufacturer of your blazer to ensure that the garment is kept in optimal condition.

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