Types of shiny fabrics

In the textile market there is a wide variety of fabrics, which makes it almost impossible to decide on one; sometimes the garment of your dreams that you want to make is more striking and elegant if you make it by choosing one of the types of fabrics. brilliant; That is why today we bring you this article.


This is a cotton linen that has an irregular texture, giving it a quite natural and slightly rustic look; Likewise, it is a fabric that is soft to the touch and breathable, which means that it is recommended for summer garments.


This type of fabric is laminated and very soft, providing a lot of fluidity in each of your garments; Likewise, it is of high quality and can be used for fashion garments and/or costumes.


This fabric is laminated, quite soft and fluid; being ideal for both costumes and fashion garments; Likewise, it can be found on the market in a wide variety of colors.


This type of fabric has a lot of elasticity, being quite soft on both sides, even pleasant to the touch; Likewise, it is ideal for dresses, gym clothes, swimsuits and fashion garments.


This fabric is impressively stretchy, molds well to the body, and springs back beautifully after stretching or washing; available on the market in a wide variety of colors.



This type of fabric is quite manipulable and easy to work with, glue and cut; Likewise, the shiny glitter effect gives your creations an unbeatable and festive appearance.


This type of fabric is made or composed of a 2mm foam, glued to a lamé fabric with a shiny and metallic appearance; being the ideal fabric for voluminous costumes.


This type of fabric is quite elastic, and it is also quite shiny and eye-catching because it has sequins.


This fabric is a more or less elastic veil; having one side shiny and the other smooth; It is ideal for party costumes, show clothes or decorations.


This type of fabric is not only quite elegant, eye-catching and shiny; but it also has sewn sequins, making it one of the most shiny and dreamy types of fabrics; Ideal for party dresses, carnival and/or show clothes.