Types of fabric

Acrylic fabric

This is often confused with wool since they have a similarity, very soft and silky to the touch, ideal for the winter season. With this fabric you can get excellent quality for a very low price, it is an easy-to-maintain fabric, it is made of synthetic textile material.

Acetate fabric

Acetate fabric is a synthetic silk fabric made of cellulose acetate fiber yarn. Cellulose acetate is pure cellulose extracted from cotton lint. Under the action of acetic anhydride, under the action of a catalyst, the resulting product is dried and dissolved in acetone to make a filtrate.

Cotton fabric

Cotton is one of the most popular and versatile fabrics. It’s soft, comfortable, and breathable, making it a great choice for everyday wear. Close

Lawn fabric

This fabric is very soft and is composed of very fine cotton thread, its characteristics include softness and lightness. Sometimes it can also be made of linen or some artificial fiber.

boucle fabric

It is a fabric that is characterized by having types of knots, this is thanks to the threads that are used to make this felling, it does not usually wrinkle, it is a very striking fabric, it is used to make coats, jackets, skirts, dresses. This can be made from wool, silk, viscose, polyester.

Openwork fabric

This fabric is very similar to wool, it has a very good quality, it is usually used to make clothing, carpets, etc. It is soft, warm, light and resistant. It is a natural fiber, there are several types of alpaca, depending on its shape and quality, it is considered one of the most luxurious fibers in the world, it is not easily found in the markets, that makes it one of the most exclusive fabrics.

Cambrel fabric

It is a non-woven textile, it can be made of an organic or synthetic material, it is a not very resistant material, it is also often used in the world of nursing, in ecological rafts.

chambray fabric

This fabric is usually light blue in color, it is a cotton fabric, it is light and smooth woven, this fabric is similar to denim and is often confused.

Chenille fabric

This fabric is ideal for upholstering furniture, armchairs and walls due to its thickness, ribbed and velvety texture. It is a blend of cotton, acrylic and polyester, which gives it strong and durable qualities.

Cotton lycra fabric

This fabric is known to be very static and resistant, it has the ability to stretch a lot.

Crepe Fabric

Fabric based on silk, cotton or polyester, characterized by its thickness, shine, drape and wrinkled friction; used for evening or gala outfits.

Leather fabric

Leather is a strong and durable fabric that is commonly used to create jackets, shoes and bags. It is water and stain resistant, making it ideal for everyday garments.

Damask Fabric

This is usually silk, cotton or wool, this fabric is usually seen on antique furniture, curtains, tablecloths. It tends to be a bit expensive. Damask is a thick fabric, it has patterned effects.

Drill fabric

This fabric is cotton, ideal for making uniforms, sportswear, tablecloths, work clothes, etc.

Dupioni Fabric

This fabric has a subtle rustic texture. This silk is woven with two threads, it is usually shiny, a light weight fabric, it is very popular, it does not have much stretchability, it usually shrinks after a few washes.

Denim Fabric

Denim is a strong, durable fabric that is commonly used to create jeans and workwear. It is stain resistant and easy to care for.

Lace Fabric

It is a very delicate semi-transparent fabric, composed of embroidery with many shapes. Traditionally it is made manually, although currently these fabrics are made with machines.

Plush Fabric

It is cotton-based and is characterized by being very absorbent. It is used in towels or blankets.

Full grain fabric

It is the leather with the highest quality, it is resistant and durable, although it tends to change color over time, creating a kind of wrinkles, this leather has a particularity and is that over time it becomes more resistant.

Fustan fabric

This fabric is often used as linings for clothing. This one has different fabrics and designs.

Flannel Fabric

Fabric characterized by being soft and satiny, used for jackets, suits, dresses or skirts.

Gabardine fabric

It is a versatile fabric made of cotton, wool or synthetic, tightly woven, waterproof and ribbed fabrics that are soft to the touch but very durable. Its uses range from dresses, coats, coats, pants to tailored suits and shoes.

Chamois Fabric

It is a very soft and versatile synthetic fabric, plush and with a very elegant appearance, which is why it is mainly used in dress shoes, gloves, luxury clothing and lingerie.

chiffon fabric

The gauze fabric is made with a certain amount of threads, the quality of this fabric depends on the amount of thread with which it was made, can have different characteristics, it is 100% cotton, this fabric is widely used in the world of medicine and nursing.

Jacquard fabric

This fabric is a durable fabric composed of cotton or wool, very resistant to erosion and does not wrinkle, it is used in curtains, pillows, headboards or used in wall decoration. Its smooth and soft surface, very complex in cleaning and maintenance but very bright and contrasting.

Jersey fabric

Jersey fabric is elastic, comfortable and very flexible. Its origin is vegetable and synthetic, so it can be extracted from cotton, silk or wool and polyester, nylon or acrylic.

Fabric lick

In its main characteristics we can mention how bright this fabric is, this fabric is usually made with a metallic fabric, polyester and filled with nylon, it is ideal for making evening wear, it is light and resistant.

Wool fabric

Wool is a warm and comfortable fabric that is ideal for winter. It is soft, strong and durable, making it ideal for outerwear. Wool is also stain resistant and easy to clean.

Fabric Mohair wool

It comes from the hair of the angora goat, it is used for the manufacture of jackets, among its characteristics we can mention the softness and brightness, it is considered a luxury fiber.

Wool Fabric

It is a type of canvas or fabric of little hardness, of a worked thickness and made from very fine wool. Among its characteristics is its easy washing, softness to the touch, elasticity, low shine and comfort in contact with the skin.

Linen cloth

Linen is a light and fresh fabric that is perfect for summer. It is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, helping to keep your skin cool and dry. Linen is also strong and durable, making it ideal for everyday garments.

Ikat Fabric

The translation can be “to tie”, which makes the Ikat fabric a sequence of knots that form patterns through knots in its strands. It is dyed after being completely ready. This textile technique is one of the oldest in records.

Muslin Fabric

This cotton fabric, composed of silk and polyester, soft to the touch, light, translucent, is used to make decorations, dresses, etc.

Napa Fabric

It is a type of leather, it has a very fine and smooth texture, it simulates the skin of any animal, among its characteristics we can mention that it is very light, durable, waterproof, shiny, etc.

Nylon Fabric

It is a resistant fabric, does not absorb moisture, keeps its shape and dries quickly, so it is mixed with other fabrics to make garments.

organza fabric

The organza fabric or also known as organdy is a fabric made of cotton, mainly in white or pale colors and is made up of embroidery on a thin, transparent and vaporous fabric.

Oxford cloth

This fabric is characterized by its softness and freshness, and is used for the manufacture of high quality blouses, gowns and shirts.

Corduroy Fabric

This coarse, velvet-like fabric is made of a thick and resistant cotton, making it excellent for upholstery, cushions and quality clothing. It is also known as lamb, corduroy or cotelé

Panama Fabric

This fabric is often used for household healing purposes. This fabric is made of a blend of cotton and polyester.

Fabric Cloth

This is a carded wool fabric, it is soft, has a fur-like appearance with very short hairs, they are threads that make up the fabric, this is usually used to make coats, skirts, game tables, it is composed of wool or polyester.

Peau de soie fabric

This fabric is 100% polyester, it is very soft to the touch, ideal for bridesmaids wedding dresses, this fabric is of high quality, it is very sold in the textile market.

Percale fabric

This fabric is usually made of cotton or polyester, it is used to make sheets, it is soft, firm and has no sheen, it is usually not so expensive.

Camel Skin Fabric

It is a very soft and fine fabric, it is a natural textile fiber, as its name indicates it comes from the camel skin, it is very delicate, it is usually used for making coats, the wool of this fabric is obtained exclusively from Bactrian camel, it is usually hard and thick.

Peach Skin Fabric

This fabric is very soft to the touch, elastic and smooth, mainly used for women’s clothing such as bodysuits, bodysuits, dresses and shirts. It is made of cotton and lycra which allows it to be of higher quality and with a variety of colors.

Pied de poule fabric

The pied de poule or chicken foot in its French translation is a type of flat weave with a very characteristic interwoven structure that forms a design. Throughout history Close

It has been present in high fashion and is currently in trend again.

Piqué Fabric

This fabric is normally woven with cotton yarns, this fabric is divided into twelve threads, the appearance of this fabric is striped, usually shrinks after washing, it is very soft and fresh.

Plumeti Fabric

It is a cotton fabric with small embroidery, these embroideries are usually made with threads called “lappet”. This fabric is usually used to make wedding dresses, it has a very feminine style which makes it perfect for making wedding dresses.

Polycotton Fabric

This is the name given to the mixture of polyester and cotton, it is usually very light and is usually used a lot.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is strong and durable. It is easy to care for and does not wrinkle easily, making it ideal for everyday garments. Close

Polyester is also water resistant and dries quickly.

Pongee Fabric

This fabric is characterized by being light and very thin, it is usually used for lining dresses or also on the inside. This fabric is soft to the touch, it is shiny, no shrinkage, easy to wash

Pop Fabric

This fabric can be made of silk, cotton or some synthetic combination. Its fabrics are very durable, fine and cool, which makes poplin very comfortable and popular in the textile world.

Poplin Fabric

It falls into the category of polymers, polyester fibers in the textile industry are very popular and is the counterpart of cotton. Polyester fabrics are highly resistant, absorbent and breathable.

Rayon fabric

Rayon is a synthetic fabric that resembles silk. It is soft, shiny and comfortable to wear. Rayon is also wrinkle resistant and easy to iron. However, rayon is not water resistant and may shrink if washed at high temperatures.

Twill Fabric

It is a fabric widely used to create pants, characterized by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. This fabric is very strong and durable.

Sari fabric

This fabric is used to make the traditional Indian costumes, the sari fabric is a symbol for India, they are usually long silk, linen or cotton canvas.

Silk Fabric

Silk is a delicate fabric, the price is usually high, it is one of the most used fabrics by the most important designers, it is very shiny, luxurious and elegant and it is very appreciated for its softness.

Satin Fabric

Satin is a luxurious and soft type of fabric that is characterized by its luster and soft-touch finish. This fabric is made from fibers such as silk, polyester or nylon, and its special weave gives it its characteristic satin sheen.

Shantung fabric

This is a silk fabric, it is stronger than other types of silk, as it has a knotted texture, it is shiny.

Fabric Suplex

This fabric is called smart because its unique characteristics include a system that has a tactile feel similar to cotton, but in addition to the advantages of synthetic fibers, there is no fading or peeling of natural fibers.

Taffeta Fabric

This fabric is 100% polyester, there are several types: double taffeta, taffeta glacé, taffeta lustre and others. They are mostly used to make school uniforms, napkins and table linen.

Velvet Fabric

A spongy and soft to the touch fabric, made up of different compounds of different types of fibers (acetate, rayon, silk, cotton). Se utiliza en la confección de ropa y decoraciones de inferiores.

Terry cloth

This fabric is usually ecological, it can be made of cotton or also a mixture of cotton and polyester, it is usually used to make sports clothing.

Tulle Fabric

It is a fabric in the form of a net, a lightweight fabric, made with multifilament yarn, usually natural fiber yarns but can also be artificial yarns, among them are silk which is a natural fiber and artificial fibers such as rayon, or synthetic fibers such as nylon.

Tweed Fabric

It is a warm, resistant fabric of the rough, has an openwork and elastic texture, ideal for making costumes, is originally from Scotland, this is made by spinning several females of wool, of different colors, has high resistance to wear and tear and it is for them that has long life.

Vinyl Fabric

It is a plastic fabric, with a lot of shine, it is made with polyvinyl chloride.

Viscose Fabric

It is popularly known as rayon, and although it is a synthetic fabric, it is made up of remains of resin, cotton fibers or remains of wood.