Macramé: An Ancestral Art Transformed into a Modern Trend

A little more basic than its name… Macramé has deep roots in history, and is significantly reborn to provide a unique style to modern decoration. Macramé is simply a knotting technique, which has evolved to become a contemporary trend that brings elegance and style to any space.

Take Advantage of Offers and Discounts on Macramé Products: Weaving Savings and Creativity

Discover exciting opportunities for knitting savings as you explore the fascinating world of macrame. Offers and discounts on selected products will give you the opportunity to purchase quality materials, specialized tools and works of textile art at irresistible prices.

Macramé in the Home and Kitchen: Elegance Intertwined in Your Daily Environment

If you are looking to transform your home and kitchen, Macramé can do it.

This technique is not only an art form, but a way to bring life to your home and kitchen. From curtains to tapestries to hanging plant holders, macrame offers a range of options to infuse warmth and style into your daily environment.

Macramé Curtains: Creating Cozy and Modern Environments

Don’t think that macrame curtains are just window coverings. These interlaces not only uniquely filter light, but also add a touch of bohemian elegance to any room. Discover how these exquisite details can transform your spaces.

Macramé Tapestries: Wall Art that Tells Stories

Macrame wall hangings are much more than wall decorations; They are visual storytellers that add a personal and artistic touch to your walls. Explore how these intricate designs can turn any room into a unique canvas.

Hanging Planter Holders: Raise Your Plants to New Heights

Do you love having plants but lack space? Discover how hanging macrame plant holders not only save space, but also add a natural and modern charm to your home. Elevate your plants to new heights with these charming accessories.

Children's macrame

Discover the magic of macramé for the children’s area, where hand-woven details add a touch of warmth and charm to your little ones’ room.

Kitchen and dining room

Transform your kitchen and dining room into stylish spaces using macrame accessories. From curtains to placemats, each hand-woven detail adds an artisanal touch to your culinary moments.


Don’t forget to feel the softness and elegance of macramé with bedding collections. Each piece is designed to offer not only comfort but also a touch of art to your lounging space.

Bath products

Elevate your daily routine with macrame bath products. From shower curtains to decorative towels, these exquisite details transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Home Furniture

Give your furniture a touch of class with macramé details. Discover cushions, tapestries and accessories that will transform your furniture into unique pieces.

Home decor

Home decor reaches new heights with woven macrame details. From wall hangings to lamps, each piece is a statement of style and creativity.

Works of Art and Decorative Material

Explore the art of macramé in the form of hand-woven masterpieces and decorative elements. Each piece is a unique expression of creativity and beauty.

Lighting and Ceiling Fans

Discover the perfect fusion of functionality and style with lighting and ceiling fans with macramé details. Bring a modern bohemian touch to your spaces.

Seasonal Decoration

Celebrate every season with unique macrame decorations. From Christmas decorations to Easter accents, these pieces add seasonal charm to your home.

Supplies for Events and Parties

Make your events unforgettable with macramé details. From garlands to table decorations, each piece weaves memorable memories.

Irons, Ironing Centers and Accessories

Transform the daily chore of ironing into a moment of style with macramé accessories. From covers to organizers, these details make the routine stylish.

Storage and Organization

Organize your home in style using macrame storage solutions. Baskets, shelves and organizers that are not only practical but also visually attractive.

Decorative Macramé Tapestries: Woven Art on Your Walls

Decorative macramé wall hangings transform spaces into living works of art. Each piece is hand woven to add texture, elegance and a unique touch to your walls. But as you know, styles are varied, that’s why we show you some options.

Bohemian Macrame Tapestries

With all the bohemian beauty and decorative tapestries. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, designs that will transport you to a world of comfort and style.

Geometric and Modern Macramé Tapestries

Elevating modern aesthetics with geometric macramé figures. Its clean patterns and crisp lines add a contemporary touch to any space.

Natural Tapestries Inspired by Nature

Bring nature to your walls with decorative tapestries inspired by natural elements. Each piece captures the essence of the planet, creating a serene and relaxing environment.

Lovely Children's Tapestries

Let your little one’s room come to life with decorative tapestries designed especially for them. Vibrant colors and charming designs add a playful and magical touch.

Decorative Macramé Pediments: Elegance that Elevates your Spaces

The unique sophistication of pediments are designed to add a distinctive touch to your environments. Each hand-woven piece fuses tradition and modernity to create a stunning visual impact.

Macramé Door Pediments

Welcome your guests in style. These charming details not only add elegance, but also establish a welcoming atmosphere from the first glance.

Handwoven Window Pediments

Transforming windows into focal points with handwoven macramé pediments. They uniquely filter light and add a handcrafted touch to any space.

Bed Frontons

Charming bedrooms thanks to macramé bed pediments. These accessories add a romantic and bohemian touch, turning your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary.

Pediments for Mirror Frames

Give your mirrors a unique frame with macramé pediments. They add an artistic element and become the center of attention in any room.

Pediments for Shelves and Shelves

Elevate your shelves and shelves with macramé pediments. These decorative details create a perfect balance between functionality and style, transforming your storage spaces.

Macramé Curtains: Weaving Elegance in Every Corner

Discover how macramé curtains can transform your spaces, adding a touch of grace and charm to your windows. Each curtain is a hand-woven masterpiece, which not only uniquely filters light but also adds an artistic dimension to your home.

Macramé Curtains for Bedrooms

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility with macramé curtains. Its intricate and delicate design adds a romantic and relaxing touch.

Curtains for Stylish Kitchens

Add elegance to your kitchen with stylish macrame curtains. They delicately filter light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your culinary space.

Bathroom Curtains

Transform your bathroom into an oasis of tranquility with macramé curtains. These accessories not only serve a practical function, but also add a decorative and relaxing touch.

Dream Catcher for Decoration: Capturing Dreams and Creating Charm

Macrame dream catchers, designed to add an ethereal and charming touch to any space. Each piece is a combination of art and spirituality, capturing dreams and bringing a bohemian touch to your home.

Dream Catcher with Moon Design

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the night with macrame moon dream catchers. These details not only capture dreams, but also add a heavenly touch to your space.

Star Shaped Dream Catcher

Add a magical touch to any room with star-shaped dream catchers. These accessories not only decorate, but also create a dreamlike atmosphere in your home.

Dreamcatcher with Circular Design

Experience harmony and balance with macrame dream catchers in a circular shape. Its interlocking patterns are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also help create a serene environment.

Macrame Plant Hangers

In every home there are hanging macramé planters that can transform spaces, adding a green and elegant touch to your favorite corners. Each planter is a hand-woven masterpiece, providing a unique home for your plants and elevating your connection with nature.

Macrame Hanging Planters with Oval Shape

Add fluidity and style to your plants with oval-shaped macrame hanging planters. These accessories are not only functional but also add a unique elegance to any corner.

Macrame Hanging Planters with Rectangular Shape

Define your spaces with hanging macrame planters in a rectangular shape. Not only are these accessories perfect for elongated plants, but they also create clean, modern lines in your home.

Macrame Hanging Planters with Round Shape

Add a soft and harmonious touch to your plants with macrame hanging planters in round shape. These accessories are not only aesthetically pleasing but also create a balanced environment.

Macrame Hanging Planters with Square Shape

Experience elegant simplicity with macrame hanging planters in a square shape. These accessories are not only versatile, but also add a contemporary touch to your spaces.

Hanging Macramé Planters for a Raised Garden

Exploring the World of Macramé through Literature

Discover how macramé goes beyond being a decorative art form, extending to other areas of life through captivating reads. Explore how this ancient technique is intertwined with different literary genres and areas of knowledge.

Macrame books for weaving creativity

Immerse yourself in books that explore the creativity and artistic expression of macramé. From practical guides to works of inspiration, these books will take you on a journey woven with threads of imagination.

Discover practical strategies to transform your passion for macramé into a profitable business

Creative Businesses: Macramé as a Personal and Business Brand

Delve into how macramé can become an impactful personal and business brand. This book explores how to build a unique identity in the market, attract clients and stand out in the competitive world of arts and crafts.

Accessories and Threads to Start in the World of Macramé: Following in the Footprints of the Masters

Inspired by the stories of macramé masters, it is time to take your first steps in this art. Discover essential accessory and thread options to start your own creative journey:

Starter Kit with Assorted Macramé Threads and Cord

Explore starter kits that offer a variety of macrame threads in different colors and textures. These sets provide the perfect foundation for your first projects.

Knots for Beginners

Research accessories designed specifically for macramé beginners, such as illustrated knot manuals and tools that make it easy to create perfect knots.

Hoops and Frames for Macramé Projects

Purchase hoops and frames that make it easier to create your macramé projects. These accessories provide stability and help maintain the shape of your creations.

Exploring the World of Macramé through Customer Reviews: Weaving Positive Experiences

Immerse yourself in the universe of macramé through the experiences shared by clients who have explored this fascinating art. These opinions offer a realistic and positive vision, serving as testimonies of the impact of macrame on creativity and lifestyle.

Good material and color.
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I used a roll of this to knit a seat cover for a leather chair. It was very easy to work with, it has good color, good weight and one roll was enough material to find a suitable cover for my chair. It could be a little softer (sitting on it shows after many hours), but it's not a big deal if I take breaks.
Drenda abbott
Easy to work
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This cable is good to work with. I have used it for several macramé projects and it holds up. Good price compared to others.
The color is different from the photo.
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The color is more of a neon pink, it's pretty but it's not what I expected from the product image.

Exploring Featured Brands in the World of Macramé: Weaving with Quality and Style

Immerse yourself in the weaving of the most prominent brands in the macramé universe. These brands have gained recognition for their commitment to quality, innovation and design, becoming trusted names for macramé enthusiasts around the world.

From high-quality macrame threads to specialized accessories and tools, The Beadsmith has set a standard of excellence in the world of macrame. Their commitment to creativity and durability has earned them the trust of craftsmen and artists alike.

Makromecity not only offers exceptional macrame materials, but also provides inspiration through its unique designs. This brand stands out for its ability to tell stories through threads, creating pieces that transcend aesthetics and become artistic expressions.

Nook Theory has conquered the hearts of those who seek elegance and minimalism in the world of macramé. With a focus on simple and refined designs, this brand offers products that blend seamlessly into any home style.

Specializing in supplies and accessories for macrame projects, Ewparts has become a preferred choice for those looking for quality items. From beads to tools, Ewparts provides everything you need to make your macrame projects come to life.

Exploring the Diversity of Macramé Cord: Threads, Ropes and More

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of macramé with a variety of cord options that open the doors to creativity and unique design. From delicate threads to thick ropes, each type of cord offers endless possibilities for weaving extraordinary projects.

Macramé Cord of Different Thicknesses

Explore the versatility of macrame cord with options that vary in thickness. From thin 2mm cord to robust 6mm cord, each thickness provides unique opportunities for specific projects.

Macrame colors that inspire

Dive into a rainbow of possibilities with macrame cords in a wide range of colors. From classic white to bold gold and calm blue, find the perfect shade to express your unique style.

Buho de macrame

Making a macrame owl can be a creative and charming project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own macrame owl. You’ll need a little practice with basic macrame knots before you begin. Let’s start!


  • Macrame cord in various colors.
  • A metal ring or wooden hoop for the base.
  • Scissors.


Step 1: Preparation

Cut several strands of macrame cord of different colors and lengths. The quantity and length will depend on the size you want for your owl.
Make sure all the threads are the same size to maintain symmetry.

Step 2: Attachment to the Base Ring

Take the threads and fold them in half.
Pass the resulting loop through the metal ring or wooden hoop and bring it up to secure it.

Step 3: Basic Knots for the Owl Body

Use square knots or overhand knots to create the body of the owl.
Continue making rows of knots until you reach the desired length for the body.

Step 4: Wing Formation

Select two side sections of the body and work on each to form the wings.
Use diagonal or V knots to create the shape of the wings. You can adjust the angle according to your preferences.

Step 5: Creating the Owl Face

Select threads of contrasting colors to form the owl’s face.
Use twisted thread knots or specific macrame knots to create the desired facial shape.

Step 6: Add Details

Add details like eyes, beak, and feathers using specific knotting techniques. You can use spiral knots, leaf knots, or any technique you prefer.

Step 7: Final Adjustments

Trim the loose ends to equalize the length of the strands.
Make sure all knots are tight and adjust as necessary.

And voila! Now you have your own macrame owl. Customize colors, sizes and details according to your style and creativity. Have fun creating your macrame work of art!

Beaded macrame bracelets

Making beaded macrame bracelets is a creative and personalized project. Here is a step-by-step guide so you can create your own macrame bracelets with beads.


  • Macrame cord in various colors.
  • Accounts of your choice.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape or pins to hold the bracelet while you work (optional).


Step 1: Preparation of Materials

Cut two strands of macrame cord, each about 45-50cm long. You can adjust the length according to your preference.

Select the accounts you want to use. Make sure they have a hole large enough for the cord to pass through.

Step 2: Cord Fixation

Fold both strands in half and thread the loop through the end of a bead. Adjust the bead in the middle of the cord.

Step 3: Fastening the Threads

Secure the strands in place, either with tape on a flat surface or with pins on a bracelet pad.

Step 4: Begin Basic Knots

Start by tying an overhand knot near the bead to secure it in place.

Separate the four resulting threads into two pairs.

Step 5: Incorporation of Accounts

Thread a bead over one of the threads and place it between the two pairs of threads.

Then, tie an overhand knot under the bead to secure it in place.

Step 6: Repeat the Process

Continue adding beads and tying overhand knots until you have reached the desired length for your bracelet.

Step 7: Final Adjustments

Once you’ve reached your desired length, tie a knot at the end of the bracelet to secure the beads in place. Trim the excess ends.

Step 8: Closure of the Bracelet

You can close the bracelet in several ways. One option is to tie an adjustable knot so you can change the length as needed.

And there you have it! You now have a unique and personalized beaded macrame bracelet. Experiment with different colors, bead sizes, and knot styles to create bracelets that suit your personal taste. Enjoy your creativity!

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