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Peach skin fabric is a kind of soft and delicate fabric that is made from silk. It has a velvety touch similar to the skin of a peach, hence its name. This lightweight fabric is very popular in women’s fashion for its unique texture and fluid drape that is very flattering.


Peach skin fabric is an extraordinary option that combines softness, durability and elegance in a single fabric, offering an incomparable wearing experience. What makes it so special? Discover it here!

Peach skin fabric is warm

One of its characteristics is that it is a warm material, which makes it ideal for the fall and winter seasons, as it provides a comforting and warm feeling.

However, this same quality that makes it warm can become a disadvantage during the hottest seasons. Peach skin fabric tends to retain heat, which can be uncomfortable in hot climates or heated indoors.

Peach fabric is versatile

Despite its tendency to retain heat, it remains a popular and versatile option for making elegant and comfortable garments, especially in the cooler seasons of the year.

The peach fabric is resistant and has great durability

Despite its softness, peach skin fabric is known for being strong and durable. This makes it ideal for a variety of uses as it can withstand daily wear and tear without losing its appearance or quality. Additionally, it is easy to care for and maintain, making it a popular choice in the textile industry.

Peach fabric has a soft texture

Peach skin fabric is characterized by its softness to the touch, which resembles the texture of peach skin. This quality makes it very pleasant in contact with the skin and comfortable to use in clothing or household products.


As we mentioned previously in its characteristics, the peach skin fabric has an ultra-soft velvety texture that makes it very pleasant in contact with the skin. The fabric is thin and fluid, with body but not rigid. It has a beautiful drape and fall that adapts very well to a woman’s body.

In addition to its softness, peach skin has a subtle silky sheen that gives it an elegant look. It is a light and thin fabric, making it ideal for summer garments and airy blouses. It falls well and does not wrinkle easily.

A disadvantage of this fabric is that it stains easily, so it requires special care when cleaning. It is also prone to tearing if not handled gently. Because it is so light and thin, it is not very warm in cold climates.


The quality of peach skin fabric may vary depending on the manufacturer and supplier. It is important to purchase a high-quality fabric to ensure that the end result of the project has a long-lasting and elegant appearance.

One way to identify quality is through its softness and silkiness to the touch. A high-quality fabric should be smooth, without irregularities and with a uniform texture. In addition, it must have good resistance to abrasion and tear.

Another important aspect to take into account is the weight and density of the fabric. Peach skin is a light to medium weight fabric that can be found in different thicknesses to suit different garment sewing and embroidery.

Peach skin fabric, what is it for? USES AND APPLICATIONS

Peach skin has earned an important place in haute couture and women’s fashion for its elegance and versatility. It is usually used especially for simple-cut dresses and skirts that enhance the natural drape of the fabric. It is also ideal for delicate and airy blouses.

  • In evening and cocktail dresses, peach skin adds a sophisticated and feminine touch. Designs are usually made in one piece, without many decorations so that the natural texture of the fabric can be seen. The floral prints look great on this fabric, complementing its delicacy.
  • On the most important catwalks in the world such as Paris, New York and Milan, great designers opt for peach skin every season. Brands such as Dior, Gucci, Elie Saab and Oscar de la Renta have presented iconic dresses in this material. It is a safe bet for romantic and sensual looks.
  • It is also used in casual fashion, mainly in long skirts and airy blouses. Combined with jeans, a peach skin blouse gives a special and feminine touch to an everyday outfit. It is ideal for creating contrasts of textures and looking put together without much effort.
  • In lingerie and sleepwear, peach skin provides comfort and sensuality. Nightgowns and babydolls are usually made in this fabric that are very sensual due to their softness, as well as comfortable to rest in. There are also bodysuits, thongs and bras that let the skin breathe.

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The Battle of the Textures: An Analysis of Peach Skin VS Micropeach Fabric

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between peach skin fabric and micro peach? These two textile options share similarities in their softness and velvety texture, but there are key differences worth exploring.

We will explore in detail the unique characteristics of each fabric, its composition, common uses, and the care necessary to maintain its quality over time. Find out which of these options best suits your needs and preferences!


This fabric originates from China, where silk has been produced for thousands of years. The first records of this fabric date back to the Chinese Ming dynasty in the 15th century. At that time, silk was woven by hand using traditional techniques and given a special finish by brushing it, which gave it that characteristic softness.

Over time, silk production became industrialized but peach skin remained a luxury textile. In the 20th century, European fashion designers such as Mariano Fortuny and Coco Chanel incorporated peach skin into their designs, boosting its popularity in the West. Today most of the production comes from China and Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Peach skin is a type of fabric that is characterized by its soft texture similar to that of the skin of a ripe peach. This fabric is soft to the touch and is used in a variety of sewing and embroidery projects. Peach skin can be found in different thicknesses and styles.


In the case of peach skin fabric, the thread count can vary from about 120 to 300 threads per square inch. It is important to know that the number of threads is not the only thing that determines the quality of the fabric. The quality of the fibers and the manufacturing process also matters.


  • The biggest disadvantage of peach skin is how delicate it is and how susceptible it is to both stains and tears. That is why it requires certain special care when washing and ironing it.
  • It is always best to hand wash peach skin garments with cold water and a mild detergent. They should not be twisted or squeezed, just squeeze gently to drain the water. It is also not advisable to use chlorine or fabric softeners because they could damage the natural fibers of the silk.
  • If it goes in the washing machine, it should be placed in a protective bag and on a cycle for delicate fabrics. The water temperature should be cold and with a short spin. It should always be dried outdoors and in the shade, never exposed to direct sunlight.
  • To iron, it should be done on the reverse side of the fabric, without steam and at a medium temperature. Quick, gentle strokes are better than applying a lot of heat and pressure. You can also use a towel over the fabric for extra protection.

With these simple care, a peach skin dress, skirt or blouse can last for many years looking spectacular. This feminine and elegant fabric is worth the little extra effort involved in maintaining it.

Peach skin fabric continues to be a popular and versatile option for making elegant and comfortable garments, especially in the cooler seasons of the year.