Discover Screens for Baberos

The main characteristic of newly born babies is that they have refluxes and that regurgitate the milk of food; and it’s just here where the babes are the protagonists; That’s why today we bring you the types of screens to make babes.

A babe is a piece of fabric that is placed on the chest of babies or children in general, and is held on the skin with a belt or tight, trying to protect your child’s clothes from stains caused by drool, food or drinks .

The best fabric for these cases will always be a cotton gasket for every day, which is economical and easy to wash; Now, if in this case you don’t want to use a gas, you’ll be waiting because you’re waiting for a visit, or you’ll want a more beautiful babe that won’t lose its functionality; The most comfortable option will always be a 100% natural cotton bib.

There are several types of bibs, and today we will present them to you so that you can choose the one that best travels with you and your baby:


The main function of a babero is this “drying babies”, and it is important to keep its texture in mind, as the skin you use is that of a newly born child, and in fact, the skin is very sensitive to friction; Therefore, it must be a fine screen, which does not bother or harm.

For this bib, a cotton cloth is recommended and tied with a thin strap, which wipes off drool and in turn, will not leave the gift that carries your baby wet; In some cases, there is no need to change every day, however, each baby is different.


This bib is best used when your baby starts consuming liquid and solid foods, such as pepillas that end up becoming very wet.

They are waterproof on the back (external, visible) and with fabric on the bottom (commonly a ribbed fabric); These types of babies are even asked for in children’s schools, for food.

They are bigger than dry babies, and their way of putting them in is commonly with a magical cierre, so that in schools children can put them in and remove them easily.

There is also silicone and gum.


It has been used in fashion in recent years, requiring different sizes, colors and the same way it can be used by new-born babies and older children.

The fabric used for this type of bib is the ribbed fabric and in some cases, it has lining; They are commonly printed in a way that matches any style, having on the back attached to the back of the neck, one of the buttons to adjust it to your child at the time of use.


This type of bib with sleeves, commonly made of plastic and rubber, has gum on the arms, and is highly recommended for this season when your baby starts with texture research, where it has the risk of becoming too wet.

This will help you not have to change your baby after each meal, and it has buttons on the back to close and adjust it.

Now, once you understand what types of babero exist, you know that their materials are:

These are the most common, which can be both printed and personalized.


Very easy to clean, and it should be easy to have a rigid pocket at the end of it, so that it catches all the food that falls out.


They are removable, useful in occasional moments, but they are not very resistant to liquids; These are easy to remove because you can take them out to break them.