No matter how many years go by, this type of pants remains among the most used and chosen because of how versatile and elegant it is, making it ideal for any occasion; That is why today we bring you this article about fabrics for casual pants.

There is a wide variety of fabrics and designs, however, here we will mention the best and most used textile options.


This is a fairly resistant fabric, based on synthetic wool, cotton and fiber; which is woven diagonally and tightly, that is why it is not only resistant, but it can be noticed visually.

It is also a fabric that has two sides, one side being smooth and the other ribbed, which makes it a little complicated to iron; however, it is stylish, versatile and durable.


This type of fabric is used for a wide variety of commonly simple garments with a great finish; However, they are aimed at a luxury audience; which means that they are expensive garments.


This type of fabric exists in a wide variety of colors, being woven diagonally; It has been one of the most used fabrics for making clothing for quite some time, and thanks to the creativity of the fashion industry it is still one of the most chosen fabrics for casual pants.