Curtain fabrics

When it comes to our home we always look for ways to decorate our favorite spaces. One of the most common ways is the use of curtains, ideal for playing with natural light or giving an air of freshness to our environments.

Today we want to help you choose the ideal fabrics for your curtains, so that they adapt to your spaces without any problem. Giving your house a cleaner, cozy and more beautiful appearance.

When decorating or making curtains, we must take into account the type of curtain fabric, its quality, durability and resistance. But, you should also not forget in which space you want to place it.


Polyester is the most used in the textile world, since it has an excellent finish, being a very resistant and long-lasting synthetic material.

The lightness of this fabric makes it ideal for curtains for large spaces and high heights. It is also used to make Japanese panels and tapestries.


Viscose fabric or also called rayon is a semi-synthetic material, its composition makes it very similar to silk, linen or cotton.

Curtains created with this fabric are appreciated by designers since they can be easily dyed and their freshness is ideal for hot places. Although it is heavy, it has a lot of movement and stands out for being very soft curtains.


Natural fiber silk is characterized by being a shiny fabric, very soft and highly resistant.

Although it weighs more than some other fabrics, it withstands high heat temperatures and provides a very elegant appearance.


Linen fabric is a type of plant fiber with high strength and durability. Curtains with this fabric are characterized by neutralizing bad odors, it is light, gives a fresh appearance and is easy to dry.


Cotton fabric is a breathable fabric that allows air circulation, preventing the appearance of very common fungi due to humidity.

It is characterized by having great resistance, soft to the touch and has an excellent drape due to its lightness.


The combination between natural and synthetic. Curtains with these materials together stand out for having greater resistance and great ease of cleaning.

In addition to giving a fresh and light touch to the space, it is soft to the touch.


These curtains, in addition to having a good finish and being soft, are curtains with a subtle shine, giving a touch of natural light to the home.


These curtains are characterized by being easy to wash. With great resistance and durability. They are made from polyester, making them shiny.

They are generally used for outdoors, since they are of great help due to their water resistance.

Thick curtain fabric

  • Chenille Fabric: It is a popular choice for thick curtains due to its soft and fluffy texture. It is long lasting and abrasion resistant, ideal for high traffic spaces.Jacquard Fabric: Jacquard has an intricate pattern and a very peculiar texture.

Fabrics for rustic curtains

  • Linen Fabric: It has a natural appearance and a rough texture. It has great durability and is resistant to fading, perfect for sunny spaces.

Printed curtain fabrics

Kitchen curtain fabrics

  • Sheer Fabric: When it comes to kitchen curtains, sheer fabric is ideal, due to its lightness and transparency. It allows natural light to enter the room while maintaining some privacy.

Fabrics for room curtains

  • Polyester Fabric: This fabric is popular for use in bedrooms due to its durability and ease of care. It is wrinkle and fade resistant, excellent for high traffic spaces.Cotton Fabric: Another good option for curtains is cotton fabric due to its softness and breathability.


  • Damask Fabric: Damask fabric has great water resistance and an elegant appearance. Cotton Fabric: this fabric can also be used in the bathroom, thanks to its ability to absorb moisture.

Fabrics for living room curtains

  • Voile Fabric: This fabric is characterized by being light and transparent. Giving way to natural light and freshness throughout the room. Shantung fabric: Shantung curtains have a slightly rough texture, offering elegance to the environment.
    Nylon Fabric: Nylon stands out for its durability and easy maintenance.