The best fabrics for sheets

Sheets are an essential part since they provide us with comfort and softness during our rest.

The fabrics used to make sheets vary in texture, quality, and durability. We want to mention the most popular types of bed sheet fabrics and their characteristics.


Cotton is a soft, breathable and easy-care fabric. This sheet fabric can be found in different qualities, from basic cotton to Egyptian cotton.

100% cotton twine: If you suffer from allergies, or have sensitive skin, this type of sheet will always be your best option.

50% cotton twine: Being a soft fabric, it does not create wrinkles and prevents sweating.


Silk fabric is delicate requiring special care, but if properly cared for, it can last for many years. It is characterized by being cool on warm days.


Linen has great durability and is wrinkle-resistant, great for those looking for a low-maintenance option. Some characteristics of this fabric is that it is breathable, perfect for hot climates.


Satin is distinguished by its shine, softness and for being silky to the touch, giving a luxurious touch to the sheets. Thanks to its silky texture, it prevents wrinkles.


Lurex is a fabric with metallic thread that gives it additional shine. Lurex is perfect for those looking to add a touch of glamor to their room.


Percale is known for its softness and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. This fabric has a higher thread count than other cotton fabrics, making it stronger and more durable.

The percale fabric is breathable and gives a feeling of freshness, perfect for rooms in hot moments. It is an excellent option for those looking for soft, fresh and long-lasting sheets.

In addition, percale is breathable and gives a feeling of freshness, making it ideal for hot climates. In short, percale is a great option for those looking for soft, durable and cool sheets.

If you are wondering what fabric is best for sheets? here we have the answer.

The best fabric for sheets is Egyptian cotton. This fabric is considered the best in the world due to its softness, durability and luxuriousness.

Egyptian cotton stands out for its breathability, ideal for any climate. Additionally, this fabric becomes softer with each wash, giving a comfortable and pleasant sleeping experience.


Hospital sheets should be durable and easy to clean. The most common fabrics for hospital sheets are cotton and polyester.

Cotton is soft and breathable, making it comfortable for patients. Polyester is durable and stain resistant, making it easy to clean.

Another option for hospital sheets is polycotton fabric (cotton and polyester blend). It combines the properties of cotton and polyester to create a fabric that provides more comfort and durability.

Fabrics for baby sheets

For babies, sheets should be soft and comfortable. Recommended fabrics are cotton, silk and bamboo.

Cotton, being soft and breathable, makes it optimal for baby’s skin. Being an organic fabric free of chemicals and pesticides.

Silk fabric has the particularity of its softness and luxurious appearance. Plus, silk is hypoallergenic, perfect for babies who have sensitive skin.

Bamboo is a newer option. Like the previous fabrics, it is soft and breathable. What makes bamboo stand out from other fabrics is that it is resistant to bacteria and fungi, ideal for babies with sensitive or rash-prone skin.

The choice of fabric for our sheets will depend on our preferences and needs. The important thing is to choose a fabric that is comfortable, durable and easy to care for.

Don’t know how to fold the sheets?

Folding sheets may seem like a simple task, but it is actually quite a complex task. Sheets are often large and bulky, making it difficult to find the right way to fold them.

There are several techniques for folding sheets, but they all require a little practice and patience. But here we want to recommend some tips so that you can do it quickly.