The most expensive fabric in the world

The finer, the more expensive! But we must also know that, the more difficult it is to obtain, the more expensive it will be. Today we will answer this common question…What is the most expensive fabric in the world?

That is why, although we thought that the most expensive fabric or fiber was silk, it really is not.


The one that comes from a beautiful wild animal from the South American highlands called Vicuña, which was in extinction for a time and is quite inaccessible.

Characteristics of the vicuña fabric

The vicuña’s hair is charming and warm, and has scales that intertwine and insulate the air when spun.

Now, let’s talk about costs; A kilo of fiber obtained from the vicuña can cost more than US$500, making it the most expensive fabric in the world and each of its garments luxurious.

Taking as a reference a shawl made with its thread, it costs more than US$2,000.

Research based on past times found that those who wore clothing with this fiber were Incas and royalty; millionaires being the ones who use them today.

And it should be noted that, thanks to technological advances, obtaining the animal’s hair does not damage or mistreat it, as does its care and well-being as a priority.