How to prevent your clothes from shrinking

On many occasions we buy or make clothes that fit us perfectly. However, over time they begin to shrink and they don’t fit like before. This time I will show you how to prevent your clothes from shrinking when washing them and putting them in the dryer.

Washing clothes goes beyond putting them in the washing machine, adding soap, fabric softener and adding water. We must take into account possible mistakes that we are making when washing and have not noticed.

One of the things that makes our clothes shrink is the type of fabric we are washing. There are types of fabrics (such as cotton and wool) that adsorb a lot of water when washing them and this causes them to shrink more easily.


1.Cotton (vegetable fiber)
2.Wool (animal fiber)
3.Silk (animal fiber)
4.Linen (vegetable fiber)
5.Viscose (synthetic fiber)

Another important point to clarify is how many times clothes can shrink… When washing them, if we use very hot water, the more the clothes will shrink.

If what you are looking for is to shrink it, you must do the overheating process, which consists of washing the garment with very hot water, raising its temperature (greater than 40ºC is considered warm water) and if after drying it it is not the size you want, you can Use the dryer and put it on the hottest setting.


Step 1: Check the labels

Each garment has its own special care, which is why each one has a label inside, which details the care that should be given to it and how to wash it. Most of the clothes we use are made of natural fibers, to prevent the clothes from shrinking so quickly it is better to wash them by hand and not put them in the dryer.

Step 2: Wash with cold water

As I previously mentioned, hot water makes garments shrink faster and fall apart, in the case of cold water it slows this process and keeps them in good condition.

Step 3: Air dry

When we put the clothes in the dryer, it puts a lot of pressure and makes the clothes shrink faster.

That is why it is recommended to wash clothes outdoors, as it exerts less pressure. Another tip to avoid damage is to dry your clothes horizontally, because when we dry them vertically they stretch.


Many times we make the mistake of putting a type of fabric in to wash or dry, at temperatures that are not ideal for this type of garment and as a result they end up shrinking.

1.Baking soda and vinegar

This powerful blend has a strong smell, but… It has excellent results! First, mix 20 grams of baking soda in 1 liter of hot water, then transfer it to a bowl of warm water.

Carefully place the garment in the bowl, keep in mind that the garment must be completely covered. Then in the water stretch it gently so that it recovers its size. (Leave it like this for 1 hour).

After time passes, rinse in another container with 1 liter of warm water along with 250 ml of vinegar. Without much pressure, squeeze it and let it dry horizontally and that’s it.

2.Hair Conditioner

If your garment is made of wool, this trick is ideal. Since the conditioner is similar to fabric softener. You will need: 62 ml of conditioner, 62 ml of vinegar and warm water.

First, add the conditioner to the container of warm water and put the clothes in and leave them for about 20 minutes.

After time passes, slowly stretch the fabric to the size it was originally. Like the previous trick, let it dry horizontally.

3.Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is an excellent option if the fabric is thick. You will need 62 ml of shampoo, 30 g of hair conditioner and hot water.

Add the hot water to a container and incorporate the shampoo with the conditioner. Next, insert the garment and leave it for 12 hours.

After those hours have passed, little by little stretch the garment carefully. Squeeze out the excess without pressure and let it dry.

4.Alcohol and Turmetine

If none of the above works for you, try this last option. To do it you will need gloves (very important), warm water, alcohol (90º) and a tablespoon of ammonia.

Add the garment and leave it for 6 hours. Then remove and place the garment with detergent to calm strong odors. In the process, stretch it and rinse it with warm water.