Know everything about Tablecloth Fabrics

One of the things that when having a special event or at home, is that the table looks beautiful and elegant, whether for a night or day occasion. One of the characteristics that stands out the most when choosing a fabric for tablecloths is that it is resistant, easy to treat and has a long life.

We want to show you these 7 types of fabrics for table cloths, you can make or buy your tablecloths of excellent quality fabric.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber widely used today in various clothing items; it is comfortable, versatile and light.

This fabric absorbs very little moisture, which does not allow the creation of fungi or bacteria harmful to health.

Tablecloths made with polyester are wrinkle and stain resistant. In addition, it prevents bad odors. Thanks to its resistance, it does not discolor easily, giving it a longer life. Tablecloths with polyester are easy to wash and dry.


Taffeta fabric can be found made of polyester, viscose or cotton and are used as tablecloths, chair bands, napkins, among others.

They stand out for their rigidity and high resistance. To better care for taffeta tablecloths, it is recommended to wash them with cold water and iron at low temperatures on the opposite side of the fabric, to avoid any type of problems.


Satin is a soft, shiny fabric that is usually very slippery to the touch. Its composition can be silk or cotton.

Satin tablecloths can be tricky to use the right way. Since, because it is so smooth, it may start to slip if there is not enough weight on the fabric.


Organza fabric is a light fabric created with cotton or silk, it is characterized by being transparent and rigid.

Because it is a thin fabric, it tends to fray at the ends. If you are going to make an organza tablecloth, it is important to sew the edges very well so that the fabric does not lose its shape.

When ironing you must do it very carefully as it can burn when in contact with high temperatures. It is advisable to wash it with cold water so that it continues to maintain its structure.


Cotton is a soft, comfortable and breathable fabric. It is an excellent choice due to its absorption capacity, avoiding stains, perfect for use at lunches and dinners.

It is an easy-care fabric, being a practical and economical solution for any home. Cotton is a versatile and functional fabric that offers comfort, durability and ease of care.


Piqué is a fabric with a quilted texture and an embossed pattern that makes it resistant and durable. It maintains its shape and texture, even after multiple washes.


Jacquard fabric is known for its intricate, strong woven pattern that is created by combining different colored threads.

It is able to resist wear and stains. Jacquard tablecloths also have an elegant and sophisticated look, used for weddings and formal dinners.

Waterproof fabrics for tablecloths


Nylon is a waterproof fabric, it is characterized by having good resistance and great durability. It is ideal for outdoor tablecloths.


Goretex is used for outdoor and hiking shoes. This fabric stands out for being breathable, resistant to cold and having high durability.


Vinyl is a lightweight fabric that is easily molded.

Stain-resistant tablecloth fabric

If you want your tablecloth to always look impeccable and stain-free, one of the most popular is the acrylic gabardine fabric, which is an easy-to-wash fabric.