Discover fabrics for swimsuits

If you want to create your own beach clothing, it is important that you take into account what type of fabric you are going to use. They should be waterproof, durable, comfortable and attractive. In this article, we will talk about the types of swimsuit fabrics and their characteristics.

In these hot seasons we want to visit a swimming pool, a beach or a river. However, we want our outfit to look cute, sturdy, stretchy, and also highly durable.

Here we share these ideal fabrics for swimsuits, both for women’s swimsuits and men’s swimsuits.

Nylon Fabric

Nylon is one of the most popular fabrics for swimsuits. It is waterproof, dries quickly and is very durable. In addition, it is easy to care for and maintain.

When using this fabric in swimsuits, they usually have a shine that makes them attractive. However, nylon can be a little stiff and not as comfortable as other fabrics. It may also be prone to fading and wear over time.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester is a fabric with great water resistance and quick drying, making it ideal for water activities. It is also durable and fade resistant.

Swimsuits with this fabric may be a little softer than nylon ones, but they can still be a little stiff. Additionally, they may not be as breathable as other fabrics.

PBT Polyester Fabric

PBT polyester is a more textured polyester, among its qualities we can mention its great resistance to chlorine and heat. It is made of a very light fabric, quick-drying and durable.

Recycled polyester fabric

Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles and is water resistant. It dries quickly and is highly durable.

Recycled polyester swimsuits can be a little more expensive than those made from other fabrics. However, they are an eco-friendly and sustainable option for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

Lycra Fabric

Lycra is a stretchy fabric similar to spandex. It is waterproof and easy to dry, making it ideal for making swimsuits. They are very comfortable to wear and fit well to the body.

This fabric may be a little more expensive than other fabrics. Additionally, swimsuits can be prone to fading and wear over time.

Speedline Fabric

Speedline fabric is a soft, lightweight fabric that is chlorine resistant and is made of 55% PBT and 45% Polyester. It doesn’t stretch as much as Lycra and the other fabrics mentioned above.


Streamline Fabric

Streamline fabric is a fabric that is soft to the touch, thick and a little heavy. It is created with 85% polyester and 13% polyurethane. It is ideal for men’s suits, since its fabric is elastic and highly resistant, it has two finishes (matte or shiny).

Spandex Fabric

Spandex is a stretchy fabric that is often used in swimsuits. It makes it fit well to the body and comfortable to wear. It is also waterproof and quick drying.

Recommendations to care for your swimsuit

  1. Hand wash: Always wash your swimsuit by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. Never wash it in the washing machine as it may damage the fabric and shape of the swimsuit.
  2. Drying: Do not use the dryer to dry your swimsuit. Instead, hang it to air dry. Avoid exposing it directly to the sun as it may discolor the fabric.
  3. Rinse after use: After wearing your swimsuit, rinse it with cold water to remove any chlorine, salt or sand residue.
    Avoid Using
  4. Chemicals: Do not use chemicals such as bleach or fabric softeners.
  5. Take care of the decorations:  If your swimsuit has decorations like sequins or pearls, be sure to take proper care of them when washing and drying.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to keep your swimsuit in perfect condition for a long time and enjoy it on your next vacation.